At Reliant Search, we strive to understand your company’s needs, goals, and culture so we can recruit candidates who are a good, long-term fit. We look beyond candidates’ resumes and consider not only their skills and experience, but also their motivations, aspirations, and personality to see where they’d work best. That’s what it means to focus on fit.

We’re not just another staffing company. We attract top talent in the Portland / Vancouver area by offering benefits like health insurance and PTO to our temporary employees. All candidates undergo a pre-screening interview with our recruiting staff. Prior to starting an assignment, employees also successfully complete pre-employment criminal background checks, applicable skills testing and professional references. Additional screening is available to comply with your company’s hiring protocols.

Think of us as your sidekick. If you’re Batman, we’re Robin. We know you can handle it, but we’re here if you need a little help. Whether it’s covering a leave of absence, finishing a special project, or finding a new staff member, we’ve got you covered. And since we work on a contingency basis, there’s no risk in calling for backup.

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