Temporary employees are a great resource for covering leaves of absence, special projects, and spikes in workload. Assignments can last from one day to several months. Temporaries are Reliant Search W-2’d employees on our payroll. Timecards are submitted online for your approval and invoiced via email on a weekly basis.


Temp-to-hire allows you to test-drive a candidate and make sure he or she is a good fit. The program works the same as a standard temporary assignment except a conversion fee applies at the time of hire.


A Direct-Hire search expands your candidate pool and opportunity to find “the one”. We submit resumes for your review, coordinate interviews, and help facilitate the hiring process. We earn a fee only if you hire our candidate and we guarantee each placement, so there’s no risk.


If you’ve already identified your ideal candidate, put them on our payroll and avoid any internal hassles. It works just like a regular temporary assignment, but with a lower markup rate and no conversion fee. They may even be eligible for our healthcare and PTO benefits.

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